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The Age-Old Tradition of the Bayberry Candle

These elegant and fragrant bayberry taper candles signify more than just festive holiday décor – they each hold the magic of an age-old tradition within. With roots tracing back to Colonial America, the flicker of the bayberry flame represents the belief that any luck left over from the current year can be carried into the new year by burning the candle overnight, all the way to the socket. As the traditional saying goes:

“These bayberry candles come from a friend. So on New Year's Eve burn it down to the end. For a bayberry candle burned to the socket will bring joy to the heart and gold to the pocket.”

Abundant in the northeastern regions of the country, the berries grown from a bayberry bush produce a small amount of wax during harvest, which is extracted by boiling the berries and ultimately to make candles. Due to the laborious and time-consuming nature of this method, bayberry candles have historically been considered a luxury, reserved for only special occasions. Burning a bayberry candle on New Year’s Eve has become a cherished ritual, symbolizing the transport of lingering luck, blessings, and prosperity from one year to the next.

We are thrilled to continue the legacy of this tradition by offering our limited edition bayberry candles to you this holiday season. Each pair is handcrafted with sustainably sourced bayberry wax and beeswax from the USA. Since bayberry wax is quite brittle on its own, we created a custom blend by adding our beloved beeswax for durability. As with all of our candles, each taper is dipped 25 times to achieve its 10 inch length and authentic shape. While each candle in our collection is free from artificial fragrance, the natural scent of bayberry is sweet and spicy with notes of pine, subtly reminiscent of the holiday season. 

Whether you’re partaking in the New Year’s Eve ritual of the bayberry candle or gifting wishes of luck, blessings, and prosperity to a loved one, let the soft glow and subtle holiday scent fill your new year with enchantment for the traditions that only the holiday season can bring.