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About Us

Mo&Co Home is a California-based candle company, inspired by the ethereal beauty of Mother Nature. Each candle is thoughtfully handmade from sustainably sourced beeswax and cotton from the USA, eco-consciously colored, and free from artificial fragrance to create the cleanest burning candle experience possible. Harmoniously released with the turn of each season, our candles bring the magical essence of nature to your homes and lives.

Our Story

Mo&Co Home was established in 2020 by Amy DeSamsonow. Amy’s daily ritual of burning candles with her evening meals led her to question the integrity of the ingredients in taper candles. Finding herself with an unexpected amount of free time at the beginning of the global coronavirus pandemic, Amy channeled her curiosities into the craft of candle-making. She began learning the ins and outs of candle making – exploring traditional techniques, sustainable materials, non-toxic ingredients, and more. After months of experimentation, Mo&Co Home’s classic 10 inch taper beeswax candle was created. Within just a few weeks, Mo&Co Home was met with overwhelming support from customers and retailers, all wishing to bring a little extra glow into their spaces. Amy’s kitchen was soon outgrown as the support continued and in faith, she rented a studio in Pacific Grove, California to establish the flourishing business. As the business expanded, so did the team. Amy’s partner in business and life, Mateo Peña Doll, designed custom melters and candle equipment that supports the traditional process of dipped candles. Mo&Co Home has since moved to a larger studio a few blocks away and has grown into a small business with a passionate team. Our mission has remained the same since the beginning – we intend to sustainably handcraft the cleanest burning beeswax candles on the market that are as good for you and the planet as they look.

A Note from Amy 

My hope has always been to create something reflective of my values – the celebration of traditional techniques, a commitment to sustainability, and gathering with loved ones. Mo&Co Home is a collision of these values and I am so honored to share this part of myself with you. I am immensely proud of our candle offering and the traditional candle making process we’ve continued to nurture through their production. My love and respect for nature’s healing properties inspired my research into non-toxic candles and has resulted in the creation of our clean-burning 100% beeswax taper candles. Each candle is thoughtfully designed, handcrafted, and lovingly shared with you in hopes that the same light will be reflected in your homes and lives.

Your support means the world!

-Amy DeSamsonow, Founder and Maker